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Celebrating 25 years of Quality EyeCare

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 25 years since we first opened our practice doors back in 1998.

Starting from scratch with an empty appointment book, the practice has grown from strength to strength and we’re very grateful to all the clients who have supported us over the years.

Read on to learn how new technologies have revolutionised how we look after you and your eyes after a quarter of a century.

Advancing Technologies

When our practice first opened in 1998, pens, paper and hand-held torches were the order of the day. Now, 25 years later, advances in technology have had a massive impact on how we operate - both inside and outside the test room.

Computer advances

Computer technology has developed tremendously since 1998. As a result, our office systems have become much more efficient and we now have a modern, user-friendly website with online booking.

Eyecare Technology

In the test room, we now have access to diagnostic equipment we could only have dreamt of 25 years ago. For example, in 1998, we relied on a hand-held torch, called an ophthalmoscope, to examine the back of your eyes. In 2023, we have a 3-D OCT Eye Scanner using advanced light-wave technology to help detect and diagnose eye conditions earlier than ever before.

We have also upgraded our visual fields equipment to an Olleyes VisuALL Headset. This state-of-the-art device is DVLA approved, and uses virtual reality technology to check your peripheral vision, quickly and accurately.

21st Century Eyecare

Over the last 25 years, there have been important developments in the range of eyecare services we are able to offer.

With extra training and qualifications we have become involved in a variety of new and improved services. These include:

  • Emergency Eyecare Clinic

  • Myopia control for Kids

  • Dry Eye Clinic

  • Glaucoma referral refinement

Hi-Tech Specs & Contact Lenses

Technological advances over the last 25 years have made spectacles and contact lenses more comfortable than ever to wear.

Spectacle lens materials have improved in leaps and bounds since 1998, becoming thinner, lighter and clearer to see through. Heavy glass lenses are virtually a thing of the past now. And improved lens designs mean that varifocals have largely replaced bifocals as a first-choice lens. Prescription sunglasses have improved greatly too with better levels of polarization and more advanced Transitions lenses that lighten and darken faster than ever.

Modern contact lens materials have developed to become much more wettable and breathable over the years. In particular, advances in soft lens designs mean that daily disposables have overtaken gas permeables and monthly disposables - even for more complex prescriptions, like high astigmatism and varifocals.

Browse the rest of our website for more information on all the ways we can help look after you and your eyes.

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