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Now stocking "Specs by Prue"!

Specs by Prue - now available at Eric Mercer's!

Specs by Prue is the new collection of inspiring, colourful eyewear by restauranteur and chef, Dame Prue Leith.

Inspired by Dame Prue's vibrant style, Specs by Prue, builds on the success of her first collection, adding new shapes and even more spectacular colourations.

"I would rather spend money on glasses (and necklaces) than shoes and handbags that spend most of the time under tables"

From the brightest pinks to the deepest greens, the collection has something for all women who desire their eyewear to stand out from the crowd. There are even styles for smaller ladies, also looking for frames with the 'WOW' factor.

To try on these unique and stylish frames, simply give us a call to arrange a Style Consultation. It's a relaxing, enjoyable experience and there's no obligation to buy. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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